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Armour Spray Foam

Armour Spray Foam

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  • 5 Page Premium Contractor Web Design
  • Upgraded Website pages for SEO
  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Marketing Plan to Become Top Spray Foam Contractor in Edmonton
  • Google Advertising Campaign
  • Enhanced SEO Campaign
  • Call Tracking and Reporting for transparency
  • Top Rated Spray Foam Contractor Edmonton

Launch Date


The Problem

Armour Spray Foam is a Spray Foam Company located in Edmonton, Alberta. BrandRocket approached Armour Spray Foam from a kijiji listing with the idea that we could help them become the top spray foam company in the area. Armour Spray Foam had been approached by lots of different companies however liked the step by step plan we outlined for them in order to fast track their business. Armour Spray foam had been used to getting customers from both kijiji and facebook, however knew that these kinds of customers were not the “big ticket” customers they were seeking. Although still doing good on these platforms, Armour knew they had to separate themselves in the industry in order to be the top spray foam company. Armour Spray Foam had no website and no game plan at the time to really achieve what they were looking for.

The Solution

BrandRocket provided Armour Spray Foam with a step by step program which outlined getting a website to display the professional company that they were. Once Armour Spray Foam saw that they were starting to attract a little bit better of cliental on the same platforms they were using (Kijiji and Facebook) by simply just having a professional website, they knew the plan was working. Armour knew that if they wanted to take the next step in becoming the top contractor in Edmonton for spray foam, they would need to find better quality customers. For our next step (about 6 months later) we launched an on-going Google Advertising campaign where we focused on industry keywords and SEO.  Every month Armour Spray Foam gets a report that shows them the money being spent and the results that we are delivering for their review.

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